I have so many poems and writings that I have tucked away that recently re-surfaced  while cleaning and packing.  Reading this makes me realize how important it is to fulfill your dreams.

img_6225lgI saw her again.
She is quite unique in a special way.
Her emotions expressed by the warm touch of her hand
she seemed to say, "I understand."
Her beauty
bronze, unadorned, refreshing.
Simple and pure. 

She smiled, a soft and subtle grin
while reaching for their shoulder giving support once again.
The tone of her smile seem to come from heaven 
     soft silent and calm.  

I tried not to stare at her
only to glance
But with all of her serene charm and beauty
I saw the soul of her eyes.

Her spirit drained of all passion.  

Lost Eyes...
Seemed distant in a dream 
running to embrace 
searching for more.

Sad Eyes...
Sunken beneath the wrinkles 
lost in hunger to overcome,
to believe.

Old Weary Eyes...
tired, worn, yellow
holding back puddled tears   
She knows her dreams 
are the blood that keeps her strong.

Sadly I looked away.

Doomed to wonder,
if in her eyes I see  
a reflection of me. 

Linda 7/2015


Cool Dog…Relaxed Dogs…Life is good

In traffic, trying not to get stressed, turned up the music, then looked to my left. Yeah…Life is good!

Hot Dog1

Made it home, rushing in with bags, took a moment to look outside.  Yup…Life sure is good!  Buddy and Jazz Lounging1 Buddy and Jazz2 Jazzand Buddy3

Gotta love them !!!!!!!   Enjoy your week

(Buddy and Jazz says Cheers to Koko and Miss Daisy) 🙂



Red Devil Spider – photography

 Red HornSpiderWhat have I become
caught between these lines
in this maze of scarlet's web.
Horn's weighing my shoulders
thorns emerge from my side.
A devils deceit
creating a world 
captured by my own destiny.               LindaG9/2014

RedHornSpider5 RedHornSpider3 RedHornSpider2 RedHornSpider IMG_0787

I looked out my window and saw this amazing spider web glistening in the morning dew. Grabbing my camera, running outside, snap, snap, snap……What the hell is this? A spider or a spider that caught some sort of bug? I did not want to get too close.  Amazing don’t you think?


Tropical Fruit and Lilies

 Take me to the Caribbean. 
Feed me lots of sweet tropical fruit 
while Butterflies and Lilies dance in my hair!

IMG_0359CL001This is just how I felt while searching for art to put in our garden, when this cute pitcher captured my attention.  With its bright orange Lily and colorful flowers, I couldn’t think of a reason NOT to give in.   It’s Dutch Wax Ceramic Stoneware, Hawaii Collection. Hand crafted and painted.  When it arrived I was delighted!    06 IMG_0450CL01IMG_0394  I found the candlestick by StonebriarCollection.com. It was unpainted which gave me the opportunity to paint it the same color turquoise as the cloth and pitcher handle.  As well as the wood plate.  04 IMG_0426CL6Next on the table… tropical fruit!  Everyday I make fruit smoothies.  A day without a smoothie is a day without sunshine! 05 IMG_0446CL8 05a IMG_0448CL9 So you see why I felt compelled to bring this little cute pitcher into our garden.  It’s so Hawaiian, so Tropical, so Delightful, so Caribbean. I can hear the steel drums now.  🙂PicMonkey CollageCL1st

What inspires you?  Enjoy!