Butterfly plant stake or Butterfly hanger – Tutorial 3

In this tutorial this little beauty can be used as a plant stake or hook for hanging. It has more of a figure 8 appearance without any wing flexibility as the butterflies in tutorial 2.  These measures 4 inches wide wing span and 3 inches long. But you can certainly make it any size. I made one so small it fit on the handle of a tea spoon I used for tea. silly me 🙂
IMG_0262 IMG_0224 IMG_0959
20 gauge wire
planters tape
round nose pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters
lots of crystals
acrylic beads for the body use 1-12mm black round
                    3-8mm black rounds, 14- 4mm bicones
IMG_0232 IMG_0047
Cut 25 to 30 inches of wire.
This is a longer wire because you are stringing the top and bottom wings on one piece of wire.
 Please be careful using this long length wire. These wires can spring and cut you.
Using the round nose pliers make a loop at one end.
String crystals on for top wing.
Insert the end of the wire into the loop…
and pull through tightly but carefully.  With that same wire
Now string on crystals for bottom wing and insert the end of the wire in the same
loop and pull through. Bend wire up 90 degrees.
Now take wire and wrap around so that wire comes up on other side.
Do the same for the other side. Top and Bottom wings.
IMG_0248  IMG_0249 IMG_0137
For the body, Cut approx. 6 inches and bend in middle.
With round nose pliers, make a small loop at the bended/folded end of wire.
String on 3 – 8mm round beads.
Separate wire and string on bicone beads for antennae.IMG_0251
Wrap each wing to body beneath the head. Wrap twice.IMG_0253
Twist ends tightly together as close to body as you can.IMG_0254
Then wrap one wire around the other several times.
Make a collar with monofilament fishing line and 4mm bicones
to hide the wire that was wrapped beneath the head. This is optional.
Tie it on. Bend the wires down. Wrap wires with planters tape.IMG_0262in PlanterIMG_0441In gardenIMG_0146
For hook instead of planter, bend wire up and string on acrylic beads.IMG_0147
Shape the wire into a hook and you are ready to hang.
I embellished it a little more by adding a string of crystals on bottom
and drops in the center of top wings
It’s ready for the sun.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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