Playful Imagination


PicMonkey CollagePIsec599px-Umbrella_Cockatoo_(Cacatua_alba)_-Free_Flight_Aviary_-San_Diego Cockatoo PI 1A beauty of nature 

White fluffy feathers
A top hat tall and dignified
with black coal eyes
sure to hypnotize.
Native to tropical paradise.
They cuddle, dance and play 
and sometimes repeat what you say.
I would love to own a Cockatoo
But not dare to have 
them caged. 
Their beauty
is stunning
and should be forever 
free.Umbrella_Cockatoo_(Cacatua_alba)_-on_branchPI2Sooooo, what do I do
to satisfy my crave 
and wipe away the boo-hoo
for my desire to have a White Cockatoo?
I got on the web...
of course, found
Fitz and Floyd....Yah-hoo!
Now I have a White Cockatoo!0 IMG_0202PI1He greets me each morning
A playful fantasy
as we sip, chirp and chat
about imagined adventures
of this and that.IMG_0222PI8Soundless dreams and treasures
we share
Thoughts of imagination fill the air.
I'm amused by the creative stoneware.
It causes me to 
     smile and giggle totally unaware.
It just makes me happy,
with the rise of the morning sun
having breakfast 
and see
my little White Cockatoo
as I drink my morning coffee. IMG_0226PI9LindaG 8/2014

Let your playfulness inspire your imagination! …..   🙂PicMonkey CollagePIsec

Hope you enjoy.