Butterfly Plant Stake – Tutorial 2

Now that you have your beautiful Bohemian Butterfly hanging in your garden tree or  Shepherd’s hook, It’s time to make a butterfly plant stake.

Butterfly stake

IMG_0479This first method gives you  flexibility in shaping the wings.
It Measures 5 inches wide wing span x 4 inches long.
20 gauge galvanized steel wire
wire cutters
needle nose pliers and round nose pliers
planters tape
lots of crystals
for the body use acrylic beads. 1-12mm round, 3 – 8mm rounds and 14- 4mm bicones
bamboo stick
Cut 2 – 20 inch pieces of wire for the top wings and string on crystals. Twist end.
Cut 2 – 18 inch pieces of wire for the bottom wings, string on crystals. Twist end.
For the head of body, cut approx. 30 inches of wire.
Bend in half and feed thru 12mm round bead.
Open the ends of the wire at the point where you want the antennae length to be.
Then bend the bottom wire 90 degrees.
IMG_1502 IMG_1508
Cut 7 inches of wire and feed it thru the same bead head, do not bend it.IMG_1507
Make a loop at the end between the two wire you separated for the antennae.IMG_1511
Feed the other 3 beads on the other end of the wire.IMG_1513
Make a  loop at the end to secure. String on 7- 4mm beads each side for the antennae. IMG_1516
 Now you have all the components and ready to attach them.IMG_1518
Stack all stems together. Make sure each side is in the same order.
 Top wing, bottom wing – BODY – bottom wing, top wing.
Wrap your plant tape around all the stems tightly.
You have to pull and wrap tape the same time.
Go over as many times as you feel to  tightly secure it. IMG_1526
Now shape the wings gently.
Slightly bend the bottom wings down and shape each wing as you like.
Now you are ready to place in your garden or planter.
If you need it to be taller, stick the stem into your bamboo stick.
You can secure the bamboo stick more with plant tape if you like. IMG_1544IMG_1541 IMG_0480
Now marvel at your beautiful butterfly.
This butterfly is used as an ornament for gift wrapping.
If you have any questions please contact me I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Plant Stake – Tutorial 2

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful project!! When I did mine, I wrapped the stem with floral wire to help keep it tight and then wrapped with floral tape.

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