Butterfly Garden Sun Catcher – Tutorial 1

#1 – Large Bohemian Butterfly Garden Sun Catcher:  For Post see – Bohemian Butterfly Garden Sun catcher and Vanity of a Bohemian Butterfly

Measures 9 inches across wing span and 7 inches top of antennae to bottom of crystal drop.  You can make these as large or as small as you like. You can use glass crystals or acrylic, the choice is yours. For this featured butterfly I used Swarovski and Austrian crystals.


Tools: 18 and 19 gauge galvanized steel wire – For small butterflies use 19 and 20 gauge steel wire. 18 gauge aluminum wire Needle nose pliers Round nose pliers Wire cutters 1/2 inch wide tape. I used painters tape Crystals. lots and lots of crystals This butterfly has 195+ crystals
Cut approx. 30 Inches of the 18 gauge wire.
Tape the center with 1/2 inch wide tape. And string crystals on one side at a time.
Tape end. Make sure you have a mirror image of each side.IMG_0182
Carefully hold the tip end of the wire and start curving the wire towards the center.
 Once you get the wire curved to the center hold the crystal and tape.
Cut the excess wire above the tape.
Take your round nose plier and make a loop over the center wire.
Then slightly curve the center up.
By curving the center up, it creates more of a figure 8.IMG_0184
Do the same on other side.
 To complete the top wings,IMG_0180
Cut approx. 12 inches of 18 gauge wire.
Tape center, string crystals on, mirror image each side and tape ends. IMG_0188
Position this over the top wings and loop hook the sides.
Leave the center unattached for now.
Now the top wings are done.
Cut 25 inches of 19 gauge wire for the bottom wings and do the exact same method as top wings.
But do no curve the center, keep it straight.IMG_0200Both top and bottom wings are done. IMG_0201IMG_0202
Remove the center tape and position the top wings over the bottom so centers are aligned with each other.
The wire will move in slightly, but once you start wrapping them together, they will spread apart.
Cut approx. 7 to 10 inches of 18 gauge aluminum wire.
Wrap the top and bottom wings together.
The 18 gauge aluminum is optional. It’s more flexible and easy to wrap.
But you can use the 19 gauge wire or even 20 gauge wire for wrapping.
Once they are wrapped tightly, cut off excess wire.
Now for the body/abdomen.
Cut 7 inches of 19 gauge wire. Start in the center of the cut wire.
Hold one end of the wire tight and wrap the other end around the center a couple of times for strength.
Then twist it in the middle. Like you would a wire tie to close a loaf of bread.
One wire end up and one wire end down. On the bottom wire, string on 4 – 12mm tear shaped crystals (or your choice) and make a loop at the end of the wire to secure the crystals. IMG_0214
On the top wire, string on 1 tear shaped 12mm crystal, (black shown)
and 1- 16mm round crystal ball.  STOP….(this picture shows it with the antennae). Now To make the antennae.
Cut 6-7 inches of 19 gauge wire.
With your round nose pliers make a circle in the center. and bend it up right 90 degrees.IMG_0214
String that on next to the crystal ball
then string on another clear 12mm tear shaped crystal. Make a loop at the end of the wire next to the tear shaped crystal to secure.
I put a drop of clear jewelers cement glue on each side of the antennae wire and on top crystal.IMG_0215 - Copy
Now you can string on 4mm crystals on the antennae. Then cut off excess wire and loop the ends.
If you would like to add a diamond crystal drop to the bottom,
 I would recommend tying the crystal drop on using clear monofilament fishing line .011 dia.
You are done. Use Monofilament fishing line to hang in your garden tree and watch the sparkles of rainbows.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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