Bohemian Lady. Let your spirit shine free!

What’s your style, your image?  How do others describe you?    Conforming to work place environments and social acceptance was more stressful for me than the work itself.  They, them, others, wanting your talents but not your image. Over the years I’ve come to realize my true spirit must shine through in every aspect of my life, starting first with my appearance, a glimpse of who I am. My grandson wanted to wear his wolverine costume in mid January…..My daughter and his grandfather said… be it! 🙂  Love it!

 IMG_0526BL10Gentle and wild 
Confident and mild
Eyes closed humming to a song only she knows 
always barefoot with rings on her toes. 
Her chic style in clothes 
flowing and free 
beautiful mix of culture
proud for all to see.tumblr_ktxrnzX9DY1qzv83io1_500Reaching with arms stretched high
rings on every finger touching the skym-xcbmThe rhythm of her hands
flowing like a butterfly.
tumblr_lr023nh7h51qzt28fo1_500In a field of blossoming flowers
playfully twirls
in her own little world
while wind blows her soft curls
halos of daisies and pearls.

                   Picture1 3 IMG_0491BL6  
Jewels abound 
encase her body all around.

Her scent of sweet
cotton candy
and alluring aromas
fill the air
the innocence and laissez-faire.

Smiles of humble happiness
authentic and shameless.

Her words are spoken true
with compassion that others value.

A laugh vivacious and contagious.

Loving life as a fairytale
Letting her spirit shine free.                       Linda G 2/2014
6 IMG_0506BL4a

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8 thoughts on “Bohemian Lady. Let your spirit shine free!

  1. Well spoken! Conformity can be very stifling to a free spirit..slowly choking the life out of what naturally becomes the essence of “you”.. I’m just loving your bohemian style.

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